The infinite collection of imperfections contributes to the whole of perfection itself

In university, I took a few math courses that had proofs as part of it.

One of the courses explored countable sets of infinite numbers. There was a proof that claimed that the infinitely countable set of real numbers between 0 and 1 is the same size as the infinitely countable set of real numbers between 0 and 2, since there is a bijection between both sets.

I couldn't wrap my head around this until recently. A Reddit post explained not to think of "infinite" as a very large number. Doing so is thinking of the concept of infinite in finite terms - this can lead you astray.

After learning about what to unlearn, most other infinite proofs made sense. You can use a function or other properties to describe the nature of numbers between sets to arrive at a conclusion for proofs. Cantor's Diagonal Argument is a fun one to wrangle with.

But this got me thinking: how can we apply this to other concepts in life?

Take for example the concept of striving for perfection. Perfection itself can share the same properties of infinity. You can never quite "achieve it" or "get to it", but you can strive towards it in perpetuity.

Let's break down perfection a bit further. The perfect state implies that the properties of what we are examining as imperfect consists of a collection of infinite imperfections. But that set of infinite imperfections is a perfect set itself. It's whole, complete.

We can say we've "accounted" for the infinite collection of imperfections in that set, which allows us to understand that if all those imperfections are "fixed" or turned into micro-perfections, if you will, then perfection is achieved.

But it's infinite, so we can't! We can only hope to work towards this concept of perfection. Nothing is ever done, it's a constant iterative process.

Perfection in literal terms cannot be achieved. But it's possible to use tools we've invented, whether it's linguistics or mathematics and even code, to understand and describe the concept of perfection and it's properties.

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