Now's the perfect time to be a maker online

Today, the costs to create and maintain products are low.

Attention is at an all-time high. Everyone's on their screens now-a-days and that habit might be really solidifying.

This also means there are distribution opportunities everywhere. Those that have been building attention for years prior to the pandemic grew even more. People might have fatigue, so identifying novel, new things to build for audiences might be key to winning.

How do you take part in all this?

Focus your energy on learning how to build in multiple mediums. Software, nocode, media.

The shortcut to getting attention?

Using other people's already hard earned attention. But to be able to use it, you must be willing to build for their audience and split rewards fairly.

👋🏽 Hi, I'm Tom!

I'm the founder of Vocalmatic, an automatic transcription platform for converting audio and video to text. I write about online business and growth.