My Guiding Priciples for SEO

Getting started with SEO?

Here are 5 guiding principles to help you out:

SEO is like starting a campfire

Find small branches and dry leaves to bundle up together, put under the logs, and light on fire to get things going.

Fire hasn't started yet?

Find more branches and dry leaves.

You're building a semi-automated research team of 1

A well structured and positioned marketing website frees up your time to iterate on your business

Seek to maximize impressions for second-order effects

Impressions are directly correlated to increasing the probability of learning what your audience wants

The more datapoints for you to iterate on, the better

The best strategy is to be human

All the metrics that come with SEO point to one theme:

Making it easier for people to find what they need

Your job is to build backwards from that

Finally, be patient

Do the right work consistently over a long period of time and your business will be rewarded by the compounding effects

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