When creating and doing work, momentum is everything.

Back on July 1st, I lost the ability to use my glasses. I had to resort to either older prescription glasses or use contacts. Both were very uncomfortable.

It took 2 weeks for my replacement pair to get here. In those 2 weeks, I couldn't work the same way I could.

Now that my glasses arrived, I'm back to coding and building at almost at the same capacity as before. However, I realized that it's taking some ramp-up to get back up to speed. Momentum was lost, but now it's time to regain it.

It also got me thinking, it's time to think about contingencies so that momentum with what I'm doing gets uninterrupted as much as possible.

👋🏽 Hi, I'm Tom!

I'm the founder of Vocalmatic, an automatic transcription platform for converting audio and video to text. I write about online business and growth.