International is the next frontier

All the major English speaking regions have been well served by the accessibility of the Internet. Most apps, websites, services etc. are built for those that live in English speaking countries.

But the next wave of successes on the Internet I believe will come from up and coming regions, where the Internet is just starting to infiltrate society. It might already start showing signs of this.

Yes, these countries compete on the global stage by learning as much English as possible, but once even more infrastructure reaches even the remote areas of these places, even more wealth and value will be generated on the Internet in their native languages.

That's why I think going international with your apps and services is important. You can see this happening with large companies, doing things like localization. It's a great moat to start building early for your products and services.

With the availability of services such as Upwork, it's not too costly or difficult to start getting your foot in the door for more global, international users and customers.

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