How to generate new ideas by writing long-form content

At the start of the year, I put out a long-form piece of content called How To Find SaaS Ideas. It goes into detail about various methods for finding SaaS ideas to build and sits at around 3000 words.

So far, it's been doing great. It generates a steady amount of traffic and sometimes people reach out to me on Twitter to say they enjoyed the piece.

What I noticed about the article is that it ranks for different types of search terms, aside from the one I was aiming for around "saas ideas". The keywords appear in Google Search Console under "Queries".

Checking queries is a great way to find new ideas for the next piece of content to write, the next landing page, or even the next product to build in your business.

Naturally, people will start at one point in their journey and curiosity will take over. That's where the next set of keywords will come from as they search online. The keywords that match what they are looking for will overlap with keywords in your written piece.

Think of this as an automated way of finding out what your audience is looking for online.

If your first written article gains traction, seriously consider building a digital product around that article or the next logical article that follows up from that piece to keep the traffic growing!

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