Keyword Research for SaaS

In this article, let's go over how to find keywords for your SaaS product.

Keyword Types

Not all keywords are the same. For SaaS products, here are the kinds of keywords you should be aware of.

Product Defining Keywords

Product Defining Keywords are the keywords that your users have in their mind that map to your product. They are very specific and are exactly what your searcher is looking for.

For example, Shopify product defining keywords can be:

  • "ecommerce website"
  • "online web store"

For Vocalmatic:

  • "automatic transcription software"
  • "convert audio to text"

I want to point your attention to that second keyword.

These are what I like to call "implied" product defining keywords. These are keywords that describe what the product is supposed to do and implied in that is what the product is.

Again, with Vocalmatic as an example, instead of "automatic transcription software", a keyword that users type in is "convert video to text" or "video to text converter". And just like that, in the mind of the user, that's what your product is defined as:

"something (most likely software) that will convert video to text"

Question-Based Keywords

These are exactly what you think they are: Questions!

Remember the last time you typed a question into Google? Those are the types of keywords you want to build for.


  • You can build multiple media to answer a specific question (blog post, video, podcast) which in turn have other positive effects for SEO
  • They are naturally long-tail because of their specificity & their length
  • Most importantly, there is high intent for a user to click through if your headline captures their question and the description actually gives the answer they are looking for!

Finding Question Based Keywords

  1. Work backwords from your product! What is the "How do I..." type question that your product solves?
  2. Use a a product like
  3. Use Google itself to find more question based keywords, building off other keywords you already have

Where can I use Question-Based Keywords?

Here are examples of where you can use these types of keywords:

  • Blog posts
  • SEO Landing Pages
  • Pages on your main marketing website

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