Going subscription-based changes how you operate

And it attracts a different crowd of customers as well. Partners, if you will.

I started noticing this about my company, Vocalmatic.

We recently started offering a subscription based service and it seems like overnight, the way I think about the company has changed.

I also noticed that when it comes to subscribers, they are willing to give their feedback on your service. They are willing to voice what it is they need you to do to make the service useful for them.

And that makes sense; they want to invest in something that is for them, so they will let you know what it is they need. In a way, they are investing in it's success because they find value in the service that you have to offer.

It's long-term thinking that's at play here. For both parties. You as a company are bought in to the longer-term success of the company, and the customers are bought in as well as they see it as a long-term help for the work they do.

Very interesting stuff!

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I'm the founder of Vocalmatic, an automatic transcription platform for converting audio and video to text. I write about online business and growth.