Last Updated: Thu May 12 2022

So you clicked through and are wondering who is this Tom Zaragoza?

Happy you're curious enough to even care!

I'm Tom. I love building products on the web. Whether they're SaaS products, content sites, Chrome Extension, or even this website, I can't get enough of it all.

Some products I've built:

  • Vocalmatic - Automatic transcription software
  • VoiceTyper - A spin off of Vocalmatic where you can use your voice to type
  • CaptionSaver - A Chrome Extension which captures the captions from a Google Meet and saves them for you
  • BootstrappedSEO - An SEO tool for bootstrapped founders
  • Content sites - Bought a few, building a few. Can't speak about them yet until I've built a proper SEO moat around them. (Want to learn SEO? Click here!)

Plenty of things to learn and plenty of things to build!